It seems no time at all that I was writing these words for Manchester – and now terrorism has struck again…

I am sickened – once again – by what has happened tonight… My heart goes out to every single person that has been affected by the terrorist attack on London Bridge and Borough Market  (and, for that matter, every person that has ever been affected by a terrorist attack in or outside the UK, as we are all in this together).

I will never be able to understand how anyone can carry out these atrocious acts – these cowardly, disgusting and selfish acts. It is crazy that religion (one of the only parts of our world that promotes peace and love) can be hijacked in this way. These people say that they are ‘fighting’ for their religion but they are not! They are fighting for power hungry dictators who are trying to achieve the impossible (wiping out everything that they disagree with – which appears to be everything, by the way).

I know that a lot of people feel that we should not be using #prayforlondon or #prayfortheworld as we have been using these a lot recently but I urge you not to attack each other for using or not using these as this is what the terrorists want. I know that I use them to show support for the victims in the only way that I can see how and  I believe that showing  peaceful solidarity can never be a bad thing.

However, terrorism does seem to keep hitting us continually and so I also have this to say:

THEY WILL NEVER WIN!!! The people of the world are banding together and every atrocity that is committed only strengthens this bond. Within hours of last night’s/this morning’s attack there was national and international support for London and the UK which shows that in times of need we are all there for each other. Like every evil in this world which tries to gain power through terror – they will inevitably fail!

To all the people who have been affected by these terrorists and for everyone who will be I love you all – as this is the true meaning of religion and life – and I stand with you in solidarity and pray that you will not succumb to fear and hate but rise above these low-lifes and not allow them to win by changing how you feel about this beautiful world or how you act within it! And I am sorry – deeply, deeply sorry for the pain that you are experiencing that I cannot even begin to imagine.

Stay strong and all the love in the world, Millennia xxxxxxxx