Dreaming is amazing and a necessary part of life. Dreams give us goals to work towards which enable us to be motivated and (in some circumstances) give us the strength and courage to carry on when life is tough.

However, dreams can also cause issues when they change. Recently I found myself feeling lost after my dreams for the future changed with no real warning. It wasn’t so much that I had given them up because I didn’t think that they would come true (I am a true believer that you can achieve any dream if you are determiend enough) but that it turned out that they weren’t what I was expecting.

Losing my plans for the future led to me feeling lost – like I had no purpose. I was confused and dejected … But then I realised that this could be a good thing – and this is why I am writing this post – to share my experiences with you guys out there incase there is just one person who is going through something similar and who finds my experiences useful to help them in their own!

After feeling sorry for myself and being frightened of the change in my life I came to the conclusion that maybe this change didn’t have to be frightening but exciting – a chance to start anew! I realised that it is okay to not always have everything planned out and sometimes embracing the uncertain with an open mind is necessary to really see the amazing opportunities that life has to offer!

Changing your dreams does not mean that you are a failure – it means that you have the bravery to take a leap to aim for something better. It also does not mean that your dreams (or you) were wrong but just shows that life can change – and, again, this can be a good thing. If the world had never changed there could have been no progression – and what sort of world would that be?

To conclude dreaming is not the problem – far from it – and if you have a dream you should go for it with everything that you have and never let anyone tell you that you can’t do it! But for all of you out there who have decided to change their dreams or those who have none – it is going to be okay! Dreams are complicated things but they will appear again and (who knows) maybe they will be even better than before!

I would love to hear your experiences on this matter so leave me a comment on what your dreams are or how you dealt with dreams changing and the temporary limbo until you discovered your news ones.

In the meantime – I wish you all the best in pursuing your goals and finding the ones that suit you – I will be doing the same!

Lots of love, Millennia xx