A huge problem in our society at the moment is dissatisfaction. I know that, at times, I have it…

When you watch someone else’s life from afar it can very easily seem perfect – especially when that person is portraying an alter ego. Many celebrities and vloggers may seem to have the ideal existence and this can make us ‘mere mortals’ feel insecure about our own lives. We feel like we can never match those levels of perfection and become dissatisfied and unhappy.

But we are ultimately striving to obtain something that doesn’t exist – because I can guarantee that they have a much more similar life to us than we could ever imagine. After all, when do we ever see a celeb hoovering their apartment ? It must happen – but would we watch it? Probably not!

Remember, vloggers and celebrities show you the best parts of their lives – the parts that are interesting because they are unusual – even for them! Their lives may not be perfect – they just show you the seemingly perfect moments.

Their perfect photos are also not real but the result of photoshop and filtering . Don’t let propaganda fool your imagination. This is one of the reasons for which I am so glad that people like Kate Winslet have a ‘no-retouch’ clause in their contracts. To be one of the first to do this takes real bravery. I would love to see more people with influence do this too.

Although watching these vloggers travel the world and following celebrities as they get ready to walk the red carpet can be great fun  – I believe that it is important to remember to view it as entertainment and not let it affect how we view ourselves and our lives.

After all –  “no better life than the life we’re living” – Alessia Cara

“You were born to be real, not to be perfect. You are here to be you, not to live someone else’s life” – Ralph Marston

Millennia xx