Ageism – given soap to wash away my sins :((

Last summer a woman from Georgia approached my two cousins and me whilst we were shopping in my capital city. She told us that she was a missionary and that they were travelling around my country and praying for us.

I was initially offended that she thought this was necessary in my country. However,  I was possibly even more offended as to why she decided to approach us? Ageism – as we were all 18 and under? She offered us soap (again so RUDE!! Whether to wash our sins away or otherwise – why should we have sinned?) and a prayer card on how to pray – again she assumes that my generation do not know how to pray?!  This form of religion is no use to anyone as all it does is insult people! I know how to pray but I would never feel it to be right to insult someone who I have no idea about based solely on prejudices!!

Whether teenagers have a faith or not is up to them but I find it offensive that someone would assume something like that about my life and behaviour based solely on my age or the ‘age-appropriate’ way that I dress.

A friend of mine once sent me a message that I believe is relevant here. If anyone ever makes an ageist comment and makes you feel worthless and insecure remember this:

“They call us terrible teens but really we are trendy kings and queens”

Millennia xx


Author: millennia17

A Teenager's Views on the World

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