Millennia’s Summer Guide

(The only summer guide you need!)

So it’s summer – one of the best times of the year! No school or college/uni and amazing weather (sometimes 😉 )

But summer can also suck and that is because body image issues becomes an even bigger problem.

I know I have touched on this before (check out my insta 😉 ) but I blog when I have something I want to say and after listening to some amazing songs last night (look to the bottom) about loving yourself and not backing down to stereotypes about how you ‘should’ look I felt empowered and wanted to share that incredible feeling!

At this time of the year we are bombarded with images of the ‘perfect summer body’ and ways that we can get there. Juice this, take that, do this – the list goes on and on and on… IT’S RIDICULOUS!

You are already there my darlings -YOU ARE PERFECT!!

YOU – not the filtered, photoshopped you – not the you that you will be after you lose those last pounds – not the you after breast implants or botox.

The YOU that is staring back at you right now!!

Go on, I dare you – go to the nearest mirror and say “you are perfect” If you are in a public space all the better!! Spread this new summer message!

The world is constantly evolving – and that is great – we are providing well deserved love to so many more people – so why are we not giving ourselves the same courtesy?

So wear that bikini with pride – enjoy the sun on your face which only has sun cream on it – and admire your beautiful un-fake tanned skin. Enjoy being you this summer and dont even think of pressing that edit button:
Everyone will admire your confidence in your self-worth – the most attractive attribute anyone can own!

I am not sponsored – But love these songs and the messages that they promote which speak to us all in different ways- if you are looking for some self-confidence blare these – and enjoy this summer whether it be ☀️ or 🌧

(These songs are also relevent for guys too – I know that they mention women but body image issues affect us all – so let’s join together in beating them to the curb)

Love Myself – Hailee Steinfield

Pretty Girl – Maggie Lindemann (Cheat Codes X Cade Remix) – this one in particular is empowering and – in my view – promotes feminism and reminds women that they don’t have to conform to any expectations – physically or socially.

Scars to your Beauiful – Alessia Cara

Sexy Lady – Jessie J



Dreaming is amazing and a necessary part of life. Dreams give us goals to work towards which enable us to be motivated and (in some circumstances) give us the strength and courage to carry on when life is tough.

However, dreams can also cause issues when they change. Recently I found myself feeling lost after my dreams for the future changed with no real warning. It wasn’t so much that I had given them up because I didn’t think that they would come true (I am a true believer that you can achieve any dream if you are determiend enough) but that it turned out that they weren’t what I was expecting.

Losing my plans for the future led to me feeling lost – like I had no purpose. I was confused and dejected … But then I realised that this could be a good thing – and this is why I am writing this post – to share my experiences with you guys out there incase there is just one person who is going through something similar and who finds my experiences useful to help them in their own!

After feeling sorry for myself and being frightened of the change in my life I came to the conclusion that maybe this change didn’t have to be frightening but exciting – a chance to start anew! I realised that it is okay to not always have everything planned out and sometimes embracing the uncertain with an open mind is necessary to really see the amazing opportunities that life has to offer!

Changing your dreams does not mean that you are a failure – it means that you have the bravery to take a leap to aim for something better. It also does not mean that your dreams (or you) were wrong but just shows that life can change – and, again, this can be a good thing. If the world had never changed there could have been no progression – and what sort of world would that be?

To conclude dreaming is not the problem – far from it – and if you have a dream you should go for it with everything that you have and never let anyone tell you that you can’t do it! But for all of you out there who have decided to change their dreams or those who have none – it is going to be okay! Dreams are complicated things but they will appear again and (who knows) maybe they will be even better than before!

I would love to hear your experiences on this matter so leave me a comment on what your dreams are or how you dealt with dreams changing and the temporary limbo until you discovered your news ones.

In the meantime – I wish you all the best in pursuing your goals and finding the ones that suit you – I will be doing the same!

Lots of love, Millennia xx




Ageism – given soap to wash away my sins :((

Last summer a woman from Georgia approached my two cousins and me whilst we were shopping in my capital city. She told us that she was a missionary and that they were travelling around my country and praying for us.

I was initially offended that she thought this was necessary in my country. However,  I was possibly even more offended as to why she decided to approach us? Ageism – as we were all 18 and under? She offered us soap (again so RUDE!! Whether to wash our sins away or otherwise – why should we have sinned?) and a prayer card on how to pray – again she assumes that my generation do not know how to pray?!  This form of religion is no use to anyone as all it does is insult people! I know how to pray but I would never feel it to be right to insult someone who I have no idea about based solely on prejudices!!

Whether teenagers have a faith or not is up to them but I find it offensive that someone would assume something like that about my life and behaviour based solely on my age or the ‘age-appropriate’ way that I dress.

A friend of mine once sent me a message that I believe is relevant here. If anyone ever makes an ageist comment and makes you feel worthless and insecure remember this:

“They call us terrible teens but really we are trendy kings and queens”

Millennia xx


It seems no time at all that I was writing these words for Manchester – and now terrorism has struck again…

I am sickened – once again – by what has happened tonight… My heart goes out to every single person that has been affected by the terrorist attack on London Bridge and Borough Market  (and, for that matter, every person that has ever been affected by a terrorist attack in or outside the UK, as we are all in this together).

I will never be able to understand how anyone can carry out these atrocious acts – these cowardly, disgusting and selfish acts. It is crazy that religion (one of the only parts of our world that promotes peace and love) can be hijacked in this way. These people say that they are ‘fighting’ for their religion but they are not! They are fighting for power hungry dictators who are trying to achieve the impossible (wiping out everything that they disagree with – which appears to be everything, by the way).

I know that a lot of people feel that we should not be using #prayforlondon or #prayfortheworld as we have been using these a lot recently but I urge you not to attack each other for using or not using these as this is what the terrorists want. I know that I use them to show support for the victims in the only way that I can see how and  I believe that showing  peaceful solidarity can never be a bad thing.

However, terrorism does seem to keep hitting us continually and so I also have this to say:

THEY WILL NEVER WIN!!! The people of the world are banding together and every atrocity that is committed only strengthens this bond. Within hours of last night’s/this morning’s attack there was national and international support for London and the UK which shows that in times of need we are all there for each other. Like every evil in this world which tries to gain power through terror – they will inevitably fail!

To all the people who have been affected by these terrorists and for everyone who will be I love you all – as this is the true meaning of religion and life – and I stand with you in solidarity and pray that you will not succumb to fear and hate but rise above these low-lifes and not allow them to win by changing how you feel about this beautiful world or how you act within it! And I am sorry – deeply, deeply sorry for the pain that you are experiencing that I cannot even begin to imagine.

Stay strong and all the love in the world, Millennia xxxxxxxx


A huge problem in our society at the moment is dissatisfaction. I know that, at times, I have it…

When you watch someone else’s life from afar it can very easily seem perfect – especially when that person is portraying an alter ego. Many celebrities and vloggers may seem to have the ideal existence and this can make us ‘mere mortals’ feel insecure about our own lives. We feel like we can never match those levels of perfection and become dissatisfied and unhappy.

But we are ultimately striving to obtain something that doesn’t exist – because I can guarantee that they have a much more similar life to us than we could ever imagine. After all, when do we ever see a celeb hoovering their apartment ? It must happen – but would we watch it? Probably not!

Remember, vloggers and celebrities show you the best parts of their lives – the parts that are interesting because they are unusual – even for them! Their lives may not be perfect – they just show you the seemingly perfect moments.

Their perfect photos are also not real but the result of photoshop and filtering . Don’t let propaganda fool your imagination. This is one of the reasons for which I am so glad that people like Kate Winslet have a ‘no-retouch’ clause in their contracts. To be one of the first to do this takes real bravery. I would love to see more people with influence do this too.

Although watching these vloggers travel the world and following celebrities as they get ready to walk the red carpet can be great fun  – I believe that it is important to remember to view it as entertainment and not let it affect how we view ourselves and our lives.

After all –  “no better life than the life we’re living” – Alessia Cara

“You were born to be real, not to be perfect. You are here to be you, not to live someone else’s life” – Ralph Marston

Millennia xx

Gay Mannequins in House of Fraser :))

I was shopping in my local House of Fraser in April and I saw this really nice sign of acceptance. I may not be a member of the LGBT community but I still readily support their cause – and this made my day! It was made all the nicer as it had not been made into a huge issue or spectacle. It emphasises normality as it has not been made deliberately obvious to cause controversy. Whether this was an executive or individual decision – thank you for having the courage to make this stand and yet not demand or expect praise for it – you have achieved what we should all be aiming for.

Millennia xx


Hello World!

Thank you for visiting my site! I really hope that you continue to and here’s what you can expect if you do…

Despite stereotypical misconceptions about teenagers not being interested in current affairs and other topical issues I am often frustrated when events are reported but the comments and questions I feel should be made and asked are not. Therefore, these posts are where I am going to express my own personal views and ask these questions or make these comments in the hope of provoking deeper thought. I welcome differing opinions and would be glad to see your comments debating with me – just so long as these debates remain respectful.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope that you enjoy my blog!

Millennia xx